Cornell Hines talks upcoming fight with Farhad Fatulla on Demetrius Andrade undercard January 18th "Im looking to take him out in the 2nd or 3rd"
Image result for cornell hinesMichael Jolly: Cornell first off happy New Year, how you doing today?

Cornell Hines: I'm good and yourself?

Michael Jolly: Im great. Obviously, you have a big fight coming up, well a big platform i would say, you're 3 - 0. January 18 Madison Square Garden will be Matchroom boxing which is promoter Eddie Hearn Card. You will be taking on Farhad Fatulla. Can you talk about what you know about your opponent and what it's like fighting on a Big platform like Matchroom Boxing?

Cornell Hines: First i wanna say fighting on a big card like this is exciting, i have nervous energy, it's time to show out, i feel like this is gonna be my big break, i feel as though if i do what i gotta do. nobody gonna doubt me. As for my opponent i really don't know too much about him except for he fought Keeshawn Williams in D.C i also know that his nickname is the puncher. i seen 1 of his fights on youtube and he throws a lot of wild punches so i can expect for him to be a brawler.

Michael Jolly: So with that being said are you looking to make a statement as far as getting a knockout?

Cornell Hines: Yea, i'm definitely thinking about taking him out by the 2nd or 3rd round. Im gonna go in there behind my jab i can say my last fight i had the right game plan but since being vegan i feel like i have more energy, my body is stronger. i'm already at 149 lb we just left the gym 2 hours ago so i feel like this is gonna be a good fight for me.

Michael Jolly: Can you talk about Mark too sharp Johnson your coach/manager, an you talk about how he was able to make this happen for you?

Cornell Hines: Well my manager Malik who works for goldenboy and Mark is my trainer, the main thing was those 2 connected and Malik believed in me and invested in me and Mark been in boxing so he gave me his knowledge.

Michael Jolly: You are on a card with Chris Algieri who is making his comeback, Jorge Linares who just fought Lomachenko. Amanda Serrano another female world champion, undefeated Jarrell Miller, Demetrius Andrade what's it like fighting on a big card with all of these mega stars?

Cornell Hines: It's exciting all those fighters you just named i actually watch and when i got the call and found out that i'm the 5tgh fight to open up right before Chris Algieri. It's a lot of motivation so i really have to step it up and make statement.

Michael Jolly: You're 3 -0 right now your 1st 2 years were kinda slow for you. You had 2 fights your 1st year and last year 1 fight last year. Can you talk about why you've been having slow couple of years?

Cornell Hines: I started in the middle of 2017. i had another fight in October on Gerome Quigley card and something happen with the commision so the card got cancelled. so my 2nd fight was in november. Then I broke my hand in January 2018. So my next fight was in June 2018. Then I was supposed to fight at the hard rock casino on golden boy card but my opponent couldn't make the weight so it was the last 3 days they were about to send the plane ticket. So, I was really devastated about that.Then there were a couple local cards in D.C like Cynation Sports, Tricky Entertainment/Tony Magruder card on December 1st. But, nevertheless things went wrong but i am looking to fight at least 6 times this year.

Michael Jolly: What fight do you think is gonna steal the show obviously you think your fight would but which fight you think is gonna make a lot of noise?

Cornell Hines: I think Demetrius Andrade and Amanda Serrano I look at her a lot and her sister as well but I watch her more.

Michael Jolly: Cornell any social media sites where people can follow you?

Cornell Hines: Im on and instagram